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Leapfrog Research is a Strategic Market Research Agency

Better understand your market, customers or stakeholders, product or service. Evaluate your marketing activity and explore new opportunities. Whether you need qualitative or quantitative research, we can help.

Who we are

Our team members bring a depth of experience across all research methodologies, with specialist understanding in health, cultural, youth, aged care, education and professional services.

What we do

We provide strategic yet practical market research solutions, developed collaboratively, to add true business value. We deliver quality results on time and to budget.

Our clients

Leapfrog conducts research across a wide range of clients and sectors, both corporate and government.

Our work

We have a collaborative approach, working with our clients to deliver meaningful strategic insights with powerful commercial outcomes.

What We Do

We conduct many different types of qualitative and quantitative market research, for numerous organisations, both corporate and government. We like to be flexible and work with whatever tools or methodologies are relevant to the project at hand, to create energy around a brand or organisation and deliver meaningful results.

Market Understanding

A better understanding of a market and competitors can be achieved by research into ...

Customer / Stakeholder understanding

Leapfrog research can undertake research to give new ways of looking at customers ...

Product / Service optimisation

Research can be used to help optimise your product / service offering by answering ...

Marketing Campaign evaluation

Research to evaluate a marketing campaign or marketing activity may include ...

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