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A better understanding of a market and competitors can be achieved by research into:

  • New or existing markets
  • Overall market size/ potential
  • Key market dynamics or processes
  • Competitor analysis/ understanding
  • Market opportunities and gaps
  • Maintaining market share
  • Growing share in an existing or new market

Previous market understanding executions:

   Department of Health and Ageing
   Moir Group

We have extensive experience in qualitative research including focus groups, in depth interviews, observational and ethnographic research. We have experience in both traditional face-to-face research as well as on-line qualitative research.


Our tailored quantitative studies typically enhance qualitative exploration and provide valuable measures of how well companies are tracking and/ or evidence needed for strong commercial outcomes. Increasingly quantitative surveys are now conducted online.


Leapfrog conducts research across many clients and sectors, with specialist sector understanding in the health, cultural, youth, aged care, education and commercial sectors.

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